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SKULL LOW POLY 3D – Shell puzzle

9.00 4.90

To print or not to print, that is the question

Low poly 3D puzzle for your spooky room, pirate boat,…

Choose the filament and print all the pieces in 8 STL files and glue the pieces to obtain a cool 3D skull.

It´s easy and fun to create a unique object with your 3D printer

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SKULL LOW POLY 3D – Shell puzzle

This model’s pieces are printed in 8 prints (standard 200 x 200 printer or bigger) containting 190 individual pieces.

Assembled dimensions: 26.7 x 19.6 x 28 cm

The download contains:
-Folder with pieces grouped in one STL for printing in 200 x 200 or greater printer bed (8 STL files)
-Folder with individual pieces (190 STL files)

Additional files in download:
-Index file STL (Model with all faces numbered (1 STL file)
-Pieces lenghts for each side file to verify printed dimensions (1 txt file)
-Small and large STL clips for assembly (2 STL files)

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* Printed SKULL shell image correspond to a modded version, no light or lamp base it is included in the download files