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MOON – High relief satelite + stand


Moon High Relief planet to see and touch our unique satelite, now you can see even the dark side of the moon.

The elevation it is exagerated to make clearly the surface details.

The model is higly detailed you can scalate it to obtain bigger model, Its hollow inside, the surface is up to 4mm thick.

Elevation data it is based on information available on USGS Astrogeology Science Center using Moon LRO LOLA DEM.

You can find all the details in the following link:

USGS link

Model it is created with tool.itslitho.com

Download contains:

  • Moon STL 100mm diameter
  • Stand STL
  • example gcode

Printing tips:

You can print with 2 lines wall and 15% infill with Builtable support for 85 overhand angle

Inside illumination

You can print the planet surface with a clear filament and 100% infill to illuminate it from inside. No hole in the STL model