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LLAMA LOW POLY 3D – Shell puzzle

15.00 5.90

Be stylish like a llama.

Nothing is more cute than llamas , here´s a low poly llama for your room.

Choose the filament and print all the pieces in 9 STL files and glue the pieces to obtain a cool llama.

Share with us your pictures in or Instagram: @Trisophy

LLAMA LOW POLY 3D – Shell puzzle

This model’s pieces are printed in 11 prints (standard 200 x 200 printer or bigger) containting 174 individual pieces.

Assembled dimensions: 17.2 x 37.3 x 40 cm

The download contains:
-Folder with pieces grouped in one STL for printing in 200 x 200 or greater printer bed (11 STL files)
-Folder with individual pieces (174 STL files)

Additional files in download:
-Index file STL (Model with all faces numbered (1 STL file)
-Pieces lenghts for each side file to verify printed dimensions (1 txt file)
-Small and large STL clips for assembly (2 STL files)

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