About Us

A little about Trisophy


Our 3D printers letted us customize our everyday life and we started designing the wineholders and the horse head 3D puzzle to customize our home. The result was cool so we decided that we need a place to make public our designs and keep growing the list of 3D designs.

We created Trisophy.com in order to make it sustainable for us and create a community of makers/creators to guide us in the new projects.

We are looking forward to recieve our users creations pictures and see how they modify Trisophy products to their own style , maybe an impacting glow in the dark SKULL or a multicolor printed LLAMA, surprise us!

Currently we only sell the digital file, in case you want the physical object contact us for quotes.

You can contact us in: infotrisophy@gmail.com

HEART 3dprinted PLA white assembled 3D puzzle

Our Team



Aerospace stress engineer passionate with 3D printing.




Advertiser & UX/UI designer

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