Which glue should I use for 3D puzzle assembly

We tested several types of glue and other bonding options like 3D printing pen, hot glue,… for our 3D assemblies. We recomend to use Cyanocrilate glue kit (also known as CA) because in our experience it is the easiest, faster and cleanest way .

Cyanocrilate is known generically as instant glues, power glues or superglues but instead of this options we recommend to buy Cyanocrilate glue kit. This glue kit consist in a bottle of glue (usually 50g) and a spray activator (usually 200mg). Once glue is applied it takes time to dry so your can fit your pieces together in the right position. When the pieces are right you can apply the spray activator and the pieces will be adhered immediately, so you can go for the next piece.

This is important because if pieces should be glued in the right position otherwise the nearby pieces will have some gaps. Also the glue is transparent so your assembly will be clean and you save time in the assembly because pices are completely fixed once the spray is applied.

A glue kit (50grs glue + 200ml spray) is enough for assembly at least two 3D puzzle and you can find several brands.

Cyanocrilate (CA) glue + spray activator kit

Here you can find some examples of glue kits:









USA – 2 items option

– Glue


– Activator


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